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Power Flushing / Magnacleanse

Power flushing is possibly one of the most important central heating services we carry out. It is the fastest and most effective way to flush a heating system. It is recommended if you have rust deposits (sludge) in your radiators or boiler. This can be proved by taking a sample of your heating water and testing for black iron oxide. Although, a good indication that sludge is present, are cold spots on your radiators, excessive boiler noise and frequent venting of radiators. Sludge will cause your heating system to be inefficient and cause unnecessary breakdowns. Power flushing will increase the life span of your boiler and radiators.

When should I consider power flushing?

Power flushing should be carried out if a heating system is showing extreme signs of corrosion. This could be poor heating or hot water performance, leaking or faulty radiators, sludge in feed and expansion tank, boiler noise (kettling) and trapped air in radiators. Power Flushing will also improve the efficiency of your central heating system, and lower your heating bills. If you are experiencing central heating or boiler heating problems due to sludge, it is quite likely that this is a result of a design fault within your heating system. You should contact Gas Wise as early as possible. A engineer will be able to test your heating water, survey your heating system, rectify any faults if necessary and power flush if required.

What happens if I never power flush my central heating?

If you don’t look after your central heating system, there is an increased chance of your boilers, pipes and radiators breaking down. Power flushing can greatly extend the life of your central heating system. You should check your central heating at least once per year.

Why should I power flush my system if I'm not changing my boiler?

Corrosion - black magnatite sludge - can form a dense sediment within your heating system, clogging pumps and generally reducing the flow of water. This can cause problems with the components of your boiler and you central heating system which can lead to reduced boiler efficiency, higher fuel bills and boiler breakdowns.

How much does Power Flushing cost?

A full Power Flush can cost from €450.00 depending on how many radiators on your heating system and it will save a lot of money in the long run.

We can also supply and install a magnetic system filter from as little as €180.00 giving your heating system extra protection and helping to validate your boilers warranty.

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