Heating controls

Why install Heating Controls on your system?

Controlling your heating more effectively could save you up to 20% on your heating costs. By installing heating controls, your system can react to changes in temperature, providing different warmth in every room and switching on your hot water when you need it.

Gas Wise always use leading brand controllers, and offer products that include time, temperature, fuel and water settings. Our range is designed to provide you with the very best in comfort and energy efficiency and is manufactured to the highest quality ISO standards.

We recommended you upgrade your heating controls when you do any substantial work on your heating or hot water system, such as replacing your boiler or hot water cylinder.

Programmable thermostats

Our range of analogue and digital programmable thermostats provides automatic time and temperature control for radiator, cooling and warm air-heating systems. Wireless, optimum start and automatic time set versions are available.

Radiator thermostats

Thermostatic radiator valves are used to regulate individual radiators in wet central heating systems. We have a very extensive range of models and styles to choose from Room, frost and surface mounted thermostats

We can offer a wide choice of thermostats, all designed to very high standards and ready to provide years of reliable use.

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