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SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme Heating Grants up to €700.00

For some time now, the government has provided homeowners with boiler and heating controls grants, in the form of SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme,

to upgrade their central heating systems which reduce energy costs and represent a more eco friendly approach to the environment. Under the terms of the scheme, all works must be completed by an SEAI registered contractor. Homeowners apply to the authority for the grant and are directly reimbursed by the authority, subject to satisfactory performance and in line with the SEAI regulations and codes of practice.

How much is each Better Energy Homes Scheme grants?

  • Heating Controls Upgrade only - €700.00
  • Building Energy Rating (BER) - €50.00

What is the minimum Better Energy Homes Scheme Grant amount available?

Do I have to have a energy rating (BER) Assessment on my property?

Yes. The SEAI now require that a BER assessment is obtained after the upgrade work is carried out in the case of all grant applications. They will give €50 towards the cost of the BER assessment. We can arrange for an assessor to carry the BER assessment out at a competitive rate.

Who can get a Better Energy Homes Scheme Grant?

It is open to all owners of houses built before 2006. Owner occupiers and landlords may apply. Landlords can apply for a separate grant for each of their properties.

How do I apply for a Better Energy Homes Scheme heating Grants?

Contact us and we will advise and guide you with your application.

Gas Wise SEAI registered contractor number is: 15052.

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