Boiler servicing

Your Gas Boiler Service - Its That Time Of Year Again!

Our engineers in Dublin are fully experienced, qualified and Gas RGII registered. If you think your boiler needs servicing, look no further than Gas Wise.

Our engineers can perform any required task, whether it is repairing your boiler, installing a new one or simply servicing your gas boiler. It’s important that your gas boiler is serviced at least every 12 months with a registered gas RGII engineer. This is so that you can ensure that its performance isn’t being obstructed and that it is working in the most efficient possible manner. Its physical condition will be assessed, as well as the installation pipework for signs of deterioration. Our Gas RGII engineers will then carry out a performance test in your home, which will establish whether your gas boiler is still safe to use, or if it requires repairs or re-installation.

These days, most people have to be mindful about their spending and as a result are always on the lookout for ways to reduce the amount they have to pay out. However, while some cutbacks can be effective in helping you to save money others can result in you entering into a false economy. For example, if you skimp on boiler services and central heating servicing in your home you could end up paying the price in various other ways.

By finding a competitive Dublin boiler servicing engineer to carry out this task, you can make sure you do not spend over the odds while also enjoying the variety of benefits that come with having your boiler serviced. By ensuring you have your boiler serviced regularly you can save money on the cost of repairs, cut your heating costs by improving energy efficiency, and increase safety in your home.

With the expertise and experience of the engineers at Gas Wise, you can get your boiler repairs and servicing sorted out with ease and convenience. In addition to offering high levels of service, expertise, and total efficiency, the professionals at Gas Wise also offers competitive pricing on Dublin boiler servicing so you can enjoy increased affordability without compromising on quality or service.

Given the benefits that come with regular boiler servicing, it is important to ensure that this is something you do not cut out in a bid to try and cut costs as you could otherwise end up paying out a lot more in the long run.